Thursday, May 1, 2014

Man arrested for recording police on cell phone

by Megan Stiles on APRIL 29, 2014

arrestedforfilmingcopA Florida man has been charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest after he recorded police arresting another individual on his cell phone. From CBS Miami:

Estrada says he began recording the episode with his iPhone only after the officer removed Trigiano from the store and threw the handcuffed man to the ground.

The cell phone video begins with the officer standing on the sidewalk about twenty feet from Estrada, holding a handcuffed Trigiano by the arm.  The cop tells two women who are much closer to him to back away, one of the women tells Estrada to move back.  The officer then turns to Estrada and says something unintelligible, gesturing at him to get away.  The video shows Estrada immediately beginning to back pedal up the walk and into the store where he remains – until pulled out by other arriving officers.


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