Friday, April 25, 2014

A black man speaks out on the statements by Cliven Bundy On Negros Being Better Off As Slaves?

Video by the host of Promoting Common Sense One Person At A Time

Commentary by Kirby Harris

The host of the video posted below says:

“Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy On Negros Better Off As Slaves?, Blacks Like Leadership and that is the Damn Problem, Most Damn Liberals Are Racist and Hypocrites, Bill Clinton & Robert Byrd Are Racist.”

commonsenseguyHe goes on to say that Bundy is not Racist, but just a product of his time, that he agrees with Bundy that a large number of blacks are more slaves today, under the subsidy welfare system, then when they were actual slaves because of fatherless homes, drug addiction, high abortion rates among other things.

But he disagrees with the “better off picking cotton” statement, because it seems that Clive might be limiting blacks, when the host knows that when blacks, just like any other race actually applies themselves they can do anything.

And he goes on with the hypocrisy of liberals on race, and how man blacks are more racists than whites now. And how many leaders that blacks look up to are racist or have said racist things over the years. And how if a Republican or conservative had said these same things that Democrats have said over the years, then the Republicans would be roasted by the press.

And he also mentions that the left will use this to sully and scare off support for Bundy and his RIGHTEOUS cause.

I couldn’t agree with the black host of the video more.
I must stress that I abhor actual racism in all its forms. And I, like the black author in the video below, understand what Mr. Bundy was trying to say and don’t think he is racist, though his antiquated way of talking from a time gone by leads many to see it as racist, when its more prejudiced. Real racism is hating or having malice to another race. Prejudice just means you have a biased or wrong way of looking at other races.

So watch, as we report and comment and you decide:

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