Saturday, March 15, 2014

Still think the GOP cares what you think? Does Paul Ryan?

Commentary by Floyd Bayne

paulryangoofStill think the GOP cares what you think? Still operating under the illusion that the GOP is going to "fix things?" This is the guy you wanted for your Vice-President. He was one of the "Young Guns" that Eric Cantor spoke of in 2010. He works hand-in-hand with Cantor and Boehner. Despite all the protests against amnesty by the grassroots voters he still does not listen. Are you still willing to put your hopes in the GOP?

I simply cannot get over it. Seriously, I just cannot believe that there are still people out there that are so blind to party over country, party over Constitution, party over commonsense. The fact that there are still so hell, I'm just going to say it, stupid people in the GOP (We already know they are in the Democrat Party) only solidifies my belief that that party is going the way of the Whigs. I have seen people on others FB pages actually continuing to defend Eric Cantor. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE?!


Base Article:

Immigration Doesn’t Have the Votes Yet, Ryan Says

By Daniel Newhauser

House Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan told his local newspaper that Republican leaders do not have the votes yet to pass a rewrite of the nation’s immigration system.

“We don’t have the votes right now,” the Wisconsin Republican told his local newspaper, the Janesville Gazette, in an interview Monday. “Right now, we’re working hard to find where that consensus lies.” Ryan said both the right and left are holding up an overhaul.

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