Wednesday, April 9, 2014

End the Afghanistan slush fund


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In the previous decade, opposing war led to accusations: "You don't support the troops."

But who really hates the troops? Might it be politicians who use them as props?


Might it be that Congress hates the troops so much, that they'll use them to create a slush fund?


I wrote the following letter, opposing the Afghanistan slush fund, using the cut federal spending at

You may borrow from or copy these comments…


There will be a 39% cut in troops in Afghanistan, but the war budget will fall by only 2%!  

Troops died. Congress uses their memory to get pet pork programs.  

And this happens, while boasting that the Defense “base” budget is down. You've been lying like this for years! (

A growing number of Americans are on to your dishonesty, and WE DO NOT CONSENT.

End this slush fund by ending the war! Spend ONLY on a SAFE and speedy withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan.



You can send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.


You will receive a copy of your letter to Congress via email. Please share your letter with friends. Ask them to take the same action.

Thank you,

James Wilson

Policy Research Director, Inc.


TOMORROW (Wednesday, April 9), LIVE on talk radio, Jim Babka will guest-HOST Gary Nolan’s top-rated, radio show Thursday, from 9 AM to Noon Central time. And it looks as if Jim will have a special guest that made something which confounded the Feds.

The show broadcasts in Columbia and Jefferson City, MO. You can listen live at — click on Listen Live, top right side of the page.

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