Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dear Pat Mullins: Shaun Kenney MUST RESIGN From RPV or the Conventions and Primaries are TAINTED

Comments by Floyd Bayne

Kenny Cantor Love MachineA few weeks back I sent in the form to be a delegate to the 7th district convention on behalf of Fred Gruber. Fred seeks to unseat Linwood Cobb, Cantor acolyte, as chair for the Republican Party in the district. The folks I had turn it in for me knew, as did I, that were we to turn it in through the Chesterfield County Republican Committee that it would "get lost."

Well, as we circumvented that effort to keep me out they decided that my application would be rejected on the basis that I supported a candidate outside the Republican Party in last year's elections. I posted on my FB page that I would vote for Robert Sarvis. This is verboten by the powers that be, you see, only Eric Cantor can do that. What's that, you say. Cantor voted for a non-Republican candidate in an election? Anyone remember Independent candidate for Commonwealth Attorney in Henrico County, Bill Janus? Not only did Cantor support and vote for him, but he raised money for him as well. Hell, all I did was vote for a guy.

Eric Cantor is a delegate to the convention representing Henrico County. Will the games by the party ever stop? The CCRC says that you get one "exemption" for straying and that my vote last year makes for two, the first being my run as an Independent in 2010. The problem with that logic is that I was not a member of the Republican Party until mid-2011, in preparation for the 2012 primaries. How can I violate the rules of the party when I'm not even a member?

So, the games go on and while Cantor violates them with impunity, I get bounced as a delegate. When will the party faithful wake up to the fact that their guys are just as crooked as the Democrats that they so vociferously complain about? There is more to this story and the facts will show that the CCRC is behaving badly, yet again. This is not over by a long shot. And now comes this -

Floyd’s commentary based on this article:

Dear Pat Mullins: Shaun Kenney MUST RESIGN From RPV or the Conventions and Primaries are TAINTED

By Tom White

Eric Cantor has left a wake of destruction in his path with his efforts to win reelection at all costs. His slating efforts in Virginia Beach disenfranchised Republican voters and even worse, turned away a group of African-Americans who were trying to become a part of the Republican process. Not a single black was named by Cantor in his slating efforts. The entire meeting is currently under protest and unless it is decided, the Conventions may be disrupted.

And in the latest revelations, the new Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia, Shaun Kenney was revealed to be on Eric Cantor’s payroll.

Great. The guy in charge of making sure the process is done legally and fairly works for the guy who is bending and breaking every rule in the book.

The RPV has become a laughing stock and the poster child for corrupt Republican antics – and Lord knows we have seen our share of corruption in the Virginia Republican Party.

I would call on Pat Mullins to initiate actions to dismiss Shaun Kenney immediately due to a conflict of interest. We really don’t want to waste valuable time with appeals and court proceedings in the aftermath of an untrustworthy election process.


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