Tuesday, February 9, 2016

President Trump, Cruz, Hillary, Rubio, Sanders, Bush, Carson?

Kirby Harris  -  February, 09, 2016 
Ever since Rand Paul suspended his campaign, I just can't get excited about the 2016 Presidential Race. Each of the people who are talked about as serious contenders each have major flaws that make them someone I can not vote for at all or someone I feel leery to vote for with good conscious.

I mean if these were minor flaws, or medium flaws, then that would eb one thing, but these are major flaws.

With Trump, he is arrogant; is nasty to people; has facist dictator tendencies; brags about being a crony capitalist who buys politicians, is for single payer; has been for gun control; he supports the wars in the Middle East; bombing people who don't do what we like; said he fully supports the Patriot Act and NSA spying (which both violate our 4th and 5th amendment rights and seems to have no constitutional or moral principles.

Hillary, well she is Hillary. OK, OK, I guess I should say a few things about her. She supports crony capitalism (the 1%), she is good with the foreign wars, wants high taxes, big government. Really she is not much different than trump.

Sanders is a socialist, although he seems to be against all the endless wars and against crony capitalism, though he probably is against all capitalism, even the good kind.

Bush, well he's a Bush. And he is not a lot different than Hillary and Trump, though unlike Trump and like Hillary he is for amnesty. And he is not for as high of taxes as Hillary and Sanders, though I bet he wouldn't care if they were 'reasonably' high. A warmongering interventionist

Rubio is similar to Bush, except he is a robot that repeats the same five things every time, and doesn't seem to be able to speak anything but his talking points. He comes across as an angry, immature warmonger. Has no problem with trading our God given constitutional rights and liberties for 'our safety', by increasing NSA spying and using the Patriot Act to violate our 4th and 5th amendment rights. He uses the phrase for his campaign "A New American Century", which shows his direct connection to establishment, big government, neo-conservative , William Krystol, who runs an organization where Rubio directly lifts that phrase, A New American Century.

Carson is a softer version of the same statism and warmongering as the rest, excluding the pacifist Sanders.

This leaves Cruz, there is a lot of things I like about Cruz, but he has ties to Goldman Sachs, which destroyed our economy, especially in 2008. He seems to have no qualms with the Federal Reserve. Seems to flipflop on NSA spying and supports the patriot Act. And is OK with carpet bombing the ME, until the sand glows. Not sure i can overlook these things, but we will see.

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