Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Obama Does NOT Understand the Proper Roles of the Three Branches of Government

Was watching President Obama's Live Press Conference today. He was talking about Immigration Reform. This showed me that this supposed US Constitutional Scholar has NO understanding of the US Constitution. He doesn't understand how the three branches work.

He said (paraphrasing) that immigration reform has to get done NOW, so Congress needs to get it done, BUT IF they don't get it done, then he will use his executive order power to do so.

Doesn't he understand that the Constitution gives ONLY the Congress the power to make laws, NOT the president? Yes, since George Washington the Executive Order was added through law, though it isn't in the Constitution.

BUT in the Spirit of the law, it was created so the President could make TEMPORARY Laws in EMERGENCIES when the Congress was not in session (since they weren't in session much back then). It was NOT meant to make permanent law if the the President didn't think the Congress made the right call and didn't pass a certain law.

Obama is breaking the Spirit f the Constitutional Division of Powers of the three branches and the Spirit of the law of the Executive Order.


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