Monday, June 23, 2014

War and Human Deaths for Cheap Oil?

By Floyd Bayne

warforoilSee if you can follow this (Especially you liberals); I continue to hear politicians of all stripes and the leftist media complaining that because of Obama's hesitance in dealing with Iraq, the oil fields will fall into "enemy" hands and the cost of our gasoline will be going up precipitously. With me so far?

The solution, of course, is to take immediate military action. This means sending in U.S. troops of the various branches to kill the bad guys and make sure the oil fields are kept in "friendly" hands. Whether it's pilots running bombing missions or boots on the ground, we will have to kill people and our own military personnel will be at risk. No doubt the bad guys will shoot back and this means Americans will once again be killed in the Middle East in order to keep oil flowing to the United States.

Now here is where it might get tricky for some of you; These same politicians and media-types, who seem to have no qualms about putting American military personnel's lives at risk, not to mention the many innocents in Iraq who will no doubt be killed, in order to keep gas prices low, are the same people who absolutely refuse to allow drilling for our own oil on our own land, because it might disrupt the migration pattern of the brown-nosed snail darter or otherwise cause damage to the habitat of some species of animal.

Got it? Humans die = OK / animals die = unacceptable.

If they were really so concerned about the cost of oil don't you think they would consider the costs of drilling for it on the other side of the globe and the costs of then transporting it back here to the U.S., as opposed to drilling within our own borders and the lower cost of domestically produced oil? Or is the cost of oil really what they are worried about?

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