Thursday, May 8, 2014

Record number of Virginia Libertarian candidates aim for 2014 ballot

By Alix Bryan  -  WTVR  -  May 7, 2014

virginia_congressional_districts_113th_congressRICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – If it seems like there are more Libertarians entering the political arena this election year that’s because there are –so far at least ten have announced they are running for office, according to the official party website.

Nine Libertarians have their eyes set on U.S. House of Representatives offices in multiple congressional districts, so far.

And Robert Sarvis, previously the Libertarian candidate in the 2013 gubernatorial race, will make a run for Mark Warner’s U.S. Senate seat.  He finished third in the governor’s race, but he made a landmark achievement for a third party candidate in Virginia.

Sarvis received just over 6.5% of the vote, a number that hadn’t been seen for a third party gubernatorial candidate in the South since 1970.

Sarvis doesn’t seem to be done breaking records either. He has made a priority of finding Libertarian candidates to run for the House of Representatives this fall, and his star power has brought many forward.


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