Thursday, April 17, 2014

Flossing the Statist Soul

Sloppy thinking leads to bad morals.


Our recent Zero Aggression mini-articles showed that The State is NOT...

These are points of confusion in the statist mind. Correct them, then statism begins to crumble.

Today, we want to help you identify and correct another statist confusion...

Because Statists wrongly assume that The State is the same thing as society, they also assume that State actions benefit society, even when those actions require the initiation of force.  

Today’s mini-article shows what good people use instead of initiated force.


By Perry Willis and Jim Babka

Statists have the same response to every problem…

  • Legislate

  • Dictate

  • Command

  • Control

This approach initiates force to impose speculative, untested, single-sized schemes on all of society. This is immoral, impractical, and anti-social.

A society based on the Zero Aggression Principle would replace initiated force with voluntary cooperation and peaceful persuasion.

If you have an idea for solving a social problem, test it in a socially-positive way. Don’t ask The State to initiate force against people.


  • Use persuasion

  • Appeal to empathy

  • Take direct action

This will allow you to start executing your idea instantly, voluntarily, without harming others, and without wasting time waiting for Congress to impose things on people.

Do you want your friends to ponder the pro-social nature of persuasion versus the anti-social nature of State-initiated-force? If so, share this mini-article using Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is a quick, easy way to improve the American Mind. Go here.


ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka and Perry Willis


the Zero Aggression Project

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