Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A House Republican Tax Compromise?

Campaign for Liberty

The only thing politicians love more than spending your money is taking more of it.

Tax-and-spend senators in BOTH parties have already RAMMED through a new taxing scheme that's been years in the works - the National Internet Tax Mandate.

And the House of Representatives is working on its own version of the Mandate.

Two weeks ago, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the Internet Sales Tax - and virtually every Representative in attendance, as well as every one of the Committee's handpicked witnesses - agreed that Congress must pass a National Internet Tax Mandate this year.

Campaign for Liberty President John Tate explains below why the National Internet Tax Mandate scheme is so dangerous.
Please read his email and take action IMMEDIATELY.

And after you sign your petition, please forward this email to anyone - and everyone - you know.
For Liberty,

Ron Paul

Tell Your Elected Representatives AND tell them NO!!!
Contact your Congressmen and Senators Here

And Sign the Petition:

NO Internet Tax Mandate

Campaign for Liberty

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